Government Accountability 

Politics and policy depend on decisions being made out in the open. Our government has been
grossly dysfunctional for too long. My opponents are a part of that culture and they show absolutely
no desire to break free of it. Lobbyists and entrenched special interests have too much sway in
government decisions and their clout needs to be diminished.

Economic & Job Recovery 

I will work with our city resources to expand aid to our local businesses. We must defend our local  entrepreneurs and incentivize growth so our community can prosper. I have a plan that will be inclusive and ensure everyone who is willing to take risks and start a business has the proper resources to do so.  

Healthcare Equity

I support universal health care and believe the sky-high costs of pharmaceuticals are wrecking the
affordability of health care. Generics must be made available to consumers faster and the legal
games that allow corporate interests to keep patents way beyond appropriate times must be

Quality Education & More Schools

NYC public schools are among the best in the country but we have been historically underfunded. I
am committed to protecting the ‘Campaign for Fiscal Equity’ money we have won and will stand
against any effort to politicize that long overdue victory. I fully support transparent over site of our city
schools and I will work to ensure that some form of hybrid learning is implemented in the coming
school year.

Affordable & Senior Housing

We must fight to protect all members of our family, especially our parents and grandparents to
ensure they get the services they need and deserve. Our seniors have given us so much; it’s an
honor to stand up for them and our duty to make sure their community centers are lavishly funded
and health care services accessible and affordable.